It is a reserved IP address for modems or wireless routers. You may visit your router’s admin panel by typing into your browser’s address bar. Most companies with names like Cisco, Technicolor, or Arris use However, it is not the only router standard IP. Numerous distinct IP addresses were used to access your wireless router, cable modem, analogue phone gateway, or access point control panel, such as,, or Default Gateway IP is another name for this type of standard IP.

Few individuals are aware of their router’s IP because there is typically only one circumstance in which you require the IP This is happening as a professional completes the setup process. Consequently, I don’t remember you communicating with However, there are instances when you want to modify the WiFi network name (SSID), WiFi password, or parental controls. Next, you’ll require the IP You may regulate data traffic, view statistics, and set up the router settings in the navigation panel after logging into your router.

Manufacturers of routers commonly utilise a private IP address,, as the default IP address to access the admin panel. It is a Class A reserved private IP address and can be used to access your private router control panel’s login page just like any other reserved private IP address.

Steps to Login

If your router utilizes the IP address, you can access its console by entering it in your browser. For the same, your computing device must be connected to the network. Here is how to access your router.

Find the IP address of your router.

Discovering your router’s IP address is the first step to logging into the panel. You won’t be able to sign in to the page if you’ve forgotten the address. However, there are several simple ways to locate the address:

– You can use the ipconfig command at the command prompt in Windows to find the IP address. Your router’s IP address will be that of the default gateway. Using the Network and Sharing Center on your PC is an additional method of determining the IP address. You must first open the panel, select the “Connections” option, and then review the information therein. The IP address will be displayed in the IPv4 Default Gateway field.

– On a Mac, you can use the netstat command or the system preferences to check the IP address in the utility window.

– To find the IP address of your connection on your mobile device, click on the connection’s advanced properties.

Register with Your Router

You can log in to your router once you’ve discovered its IP address using the default gateway option. You must first enter your router’s IP address in the browser. The address in this instance is The browser will then open the login screen for you after converting the address into a link, such as You must provide the router login’s default username and password here. If you’ve previously changed the password, you can log in using those details. You can access your router’s control panel and modify its configuration after providing the necessary information.

Router Reset and Troubleshooting

Our router frequently stops functioning or interferes with the network connection when we modify its settings. Therefore, we must undo these modifications. To make it simpler to return to the original settings in the event of a problem, you must write down the previous values of all the settings you intend to alter. However, you might need to reset the router if you’ve followed all the instructions and it still doesn’t work. Your router’s reset button can be pressed for 15 to 30 seconds to perform the reset process. After that, the router will reboot and configure itself using the factory defaults.

Each computer or device in a network is identified by its IP address, The network could be a bigger local network or the internet. Anyone with access to the internet can use a public IP address. On the other hand, a local IP address is what your router gives to each connected device. Only the devices linked by the router have access to the local IP address on the internet. is one of the most widely used private IP addresses for business networks and can be given to any local network device that falls inside the address range. On the other hand, several broadband routers, including Cisco and Infinity, use this address as their default IP address.

When to Use the IP Address

Many routers use the IP address by default, allowing you to connect to them and modify their settings over the network. In addition, a firewall may be installed on your network, several ports may be opened, or a primary device may be designated to receive all of your messages.

Since it’s simple to remember, many administrators opt to use this address for their routers on business networks. In addition, due to its simplicity, this address is also used by many household appliances. However, and are two of the router IP addresses that are most frequently used.

IP Address Discord

The likelihood is that if you have multiple routers in your home, they may share an IP address. As a result, if you try to access one of the routers, it can display the website of another or nothing at all. To prevent this, you must request that the administrator assign your device a static IP address so it won’t clash with the other one.

Additionally, be sure to type your address correctly on the website. The unavailable status of the device will be shown in the results. Always double-check your router’s address before entering it.

Manufacturers Using IP Address

Router makers often use the IP address since it is straightforward to remember. Many home routers are using this IP address, which has historically been best suited for business networks with many devices. The most well-known router manufacturers who use as their default IP address are:

  • Cisco \sSMC
  • Technicolor \sArris \sAztech
  • Routers made by other companies, including Intelbras, RFNet, and i-connect, also respond to the IP address


  1. If is not allowing you to enter the Admin Panel, one possibility is that:
  2. The IP Address was input incorrectly. For example, you might have accidentally entered “O” instead of “0,” which prevents your browser from accessing the Admin Panel.
  3. The browser cannot fulfil your request because you inserted an extra digit or dot.
  4. Your device’s default IP address can be anything other than, like or
  5. You are not using an Ethernet cable to connect to the network. Instead, try using an Ethernet cable to connect to the router.

Default Router Login and Password

The default username and password are different for every router vendor. The top 10 most frequent username/password combinations are listed below because it would be impossible to list them all in this article.

Login Password
admin admin
admin Password
admin [None]
[None] admin
[None] [None]
administrator Password
administrator [None]
recovery recovery
root root
root [None]

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