It is a reserved IP address for modems or wireless routers. You can access your router’s admin panel by typing into your browser’s address bar. Numerous companies, including Technicolor/Thomson, Billion, and Thomson, use the IP address It is not the only router standard IP. Multiple other IP addresses were used to access the control panel of your wireless router, DSL wireless router, or VoIP gateways, such as,, or Default Gateway IP is another name for this type of standard IP.

Because there is typically only one circumstance in which you need the IP, not many people are familiar with their router’s configuration. This is happening as a professional completes the setup process. As a result, you never communicate with However, there are instances when you want to modify the WiFi network name (SSID), WiFi password, or parental controls. The IP is then required. In addition, you may regulate data traffic, view statistics, and set up the router settings in the navigation panel after logging into your router.

Where is the login page?

  • All you need to do to access the login page for your admin panel is type into your browser.
  • You may reset the modem to factory defaults if you are unsure of your password or run into an erroneous password match.

Changing the password

Resetting your modem is all that is required. You may easily accomplish this by pressing the reset button on the bottom or back of your modem. Your modem will return to factory settings if you press and hold this tiny button for about 20 seconds (you might need a toothpick for this).

Reset the router

You should be aware that resetting your modem will result in losing your internet connection. Therefore, it is preferable to seek an expert’s advice in this area. If you don’t have enough knowledge, we advise you to get assistance from a knowledgeable person.

default login credentials for devices with as their primary IP address

The most popular default usernames and passwords for the device’s IP address,, are included in this list.

Steps to Login at

If you don’t have access to your router’s administrative dashboard, you can’t make the most of it. It enables you to alter router settings, such as the login and password, that are established by default. You must adhere to the instructions provided below to access the administrative console:

  1. Start by launching your browser and entering the IP address
  2. If it results in a blank screen, you must substitute
  3. Use www. sparingly.
  4. Second, “username” and “password” are frequently the default username and passwords. To ensure a seamless first login, it is done. However, some companies, like D-Link, don’t. To find out your login information, consult the user manual.
  5. Access your administrator console by typing them in.
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Third, substitute your username and password for the standard ones. This action is necessary for security reasons. You can do whatever you want and modify the advanced settings as you like once you have access to the router’s admin panel!

IP address and default credentials for the router

Despite being static, the IP address can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. For instance, some manufacturers decide to use the IP address for all of their routers. Few other producers use or

These are all legitimate addresses that vary depending on the manufacturer. All routers share the feature that their static IP addresses begin with the number 192.168, identifying them as routers. Network engineers can diagnose problems and offer support in this fashion. Let’s examine the router IP addresses, their default username and password.

Manufacturer IP Address Username Password
TP-Link admin admin
D- Link admin admin
Linksys admin admin
Netgear admin password
Asus admin admin
Belkin admin

Everything You Should Know About an IP address

You have an IP address regardless of the network you use to access the internet. The feature displays your position and varies depending on the device.

Data transmission between your device and the rest of the world via the internet is made possible by the formation of an individual address from IP addresses. One exists on every online-connected gadget. It functions similarly to our postal address, email address, or phone number that we all use to contact people worldwide.

Popular by Linksys and Alcatel

But did you realize your router has a separate, private IP address? For example, is the IP address of many routers. For example, major manufacturers like LinkSys and Alcatel use it in their routers.

If yours does, you will undoubtedly notice it when you reset your WiFi name, password, or other option.

The router in a typical home network also has its IP (router IP). Private networks like home networks, LANs, WANs inside businesses, and other similar networks have a distinct range of IP addresses set out for them. These IP addresses cannot be assigned to a website that is open to the public (internet sites). Ranges include: to; 10.0.0 to; and to

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Four sets of numbers make up the IP address. The “Network ID” is made up of the first three sets, and the “Device ID” is made up of the fourth set. Dots or full stops are used to separate these.

For instance, under the address, the network ID is 192.168.1, and the device ID is 254. Therefore, any connected device to a home network will have the identical first three sets and a unique fourth set if you have numerous devices. These sets are sent to the appropriate devices by the router’s DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

There are public addresses, just like there are private addresses. A network’s external network can see each connected device’s shared public address. When the router communicates with an external network, it converts a private address to a public address. When it communicates with the devices in its network, it reverses the process. The name of this procedure is Network Address Translation (NAT).

Since is a private IP address, no internet-connected devices can be accessed from this network. However, network-connected gadgets can easily access one another.

Change Router Default Username and Password Procedures

Manufacturers of routers have predetermined the default username and password for each device. Users may occasionally want to modify the default credentials for security reasons. An attacker can easily snoop into your network and intercept the data packets if, for instance, the password is the same and well known due to its universality. Therefore, it is suggested that you alter the default settings to ensure your

First, log in using the IP address, which can be or vary depending on the manufacturer. Then, type in the default credentials and click the login button. Next, pick Admin Controls after finding Admin Management in the left pane. The Password section is located there. By clicking the link, you can modify the password to your liking. After entering a secure password, click Save Changes. After a reboot, the router will be secured with your unique password.

How to enable WiFi password?

Go to WiFi settings in the admin panel and select Security. You will notice your router’s name, formally known as its SSID, there. Give your WiFi a name, then choose WPA2PSK for the security protocol.

After entering a strong password, press the Apply button. Your WiFi will be password-protected and have a unique SSID after the router has restarted.

Basic problems and solutions

Users may experience certain difficulties while trying to reach the IP address Here, I’ll discuss the simple solutions. First, confirm that an Ethernet wire is connected to the router.

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The Network tab can be found by opening My Computer. Your PC will identify every network device connected to it and provide the names. Then, when you double-click your router, the login page will appear.

You might need to restore your router to its factory default settings if it is not functioning. Your router will reset itself to default settings if you press and hold the reset button on the back of the device for a period. After that, you can use the IP address to continue with the login process. However, it’s important to know that using this method will result in losing all your network settings. So before continuing, set up a backup.

The IP address for FAQ

What does 192.168 l 254 mean?

The IP address, by default, is Every IP address has four sets of numbers in the range of 0 to 255. This is because each internet-connected device is expected to have a different address. The device id is contained in the final set, which follows the first three sets of network ids. The network id for is 192, and the device id is 168.1.254.

How to access 192.168.l.254 How to access 192.168.l.254/ Utilizing 192.168 l 254

First, enter in the address box of your browser. Then, after entering your username and password, click OK or log in.

What are the (most typical) 192.168.l.254 default logins?

Admin and admin are the most popular default logins for the IP address.

What is the (most typical) 192.168.l.254 default username?

The admin five default username is the most frequent for the IP. What is the (most typical) 192.168.l.254 default password? – How to Access Router IP Address? Admin 6 is the most popular default password for this address.

Enter into the address box of your browser, followed by your username and password, and then click OK or log in.

The most popular default logins for are admin and admin as the password.

Instructions for entering 192.168.l.254 To 192.168 l 254 hot to go UtilUtilizing.168 l 254

Enter into the address box of your browser, followed by your username and password, and then click OK or log in.

The most popular default logins for are admin and admin as the password.


This page aims to provide a concise and clear summary of everything about routers. If you experience any problems with the IP address, see the repair section for possible solutions. I hope you learned something from and found this article useful.

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