Asus Router Login Not Working


7 Ways To Fix ASUS Router Login Not, Working

The best remedies are provided in our piece to assist you when your Internet stops functioning, and your Asus router starts to exhibit issues. Every user has experienced the issue of their router not working at some point or another. You might underestimate how big of a problem this is. We have five really easy remedies that can solve this issue in minutes.

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How is the issue with’s router caused?

As you are aware, the Asus router login problem is quite frequent. Before attempting to address this widespread problem, let’s learn what the sources are.

  1. This problem can be brought on by a small bug in your Asus wired or wireless router.
  2. Your Asus router may become inoperable if its cables are not in good shape.
  3. Many users fail to update their wifi drivers. To address the issues with the router, updates are published. The Asus router won’t function properly if these drivers are not updated.
  4. When the configuration has not been done correctly, you will have the router not working issue.

Some of the world’s top routers are produced by Asus. It is the brand you can trust when it comes to computers, processors, graphics cards, and networking hardware. The reputation of Asus routers for their lightning-quick speeds, wider coverage, and enhanced compatibility with several devices. No equipment is perfect, but with an Asus router, you almost certainly won’t run into any issues. They also had access to the top assistance programs, which may help you escape any sticky situations you might encounter.

Login to ASUS Router Not Working

The most frequent problem you could encounter with an Asus router is a login problem. Any router has two different login methods. One is for the wifi network, while the other is for the GUI login for your Asus router, also known as the router’s settings page. Even if you have forgotten your password, gaining access to an Asus router would not be easy because they are among the most secure routers available. Following are some steps you can do in both situations to solve the problem and make things right for you:

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7 Quick Fixes for Asus Router Not Working

Solution 1: Start your Asus router again

You won’t be able to access the Internet when the Asus router login problem manifests itself. Your Asus router might not be working because of a very small bug. You can restart your Asus router if this bug persists. It would help if you took the following actions for it to restart properly.

  1. Turning off your Asus router is the first thing to do.
  2. Next, unplug the cable from the Asus router’s back.
  3. After that, wait 10 to 15 minutes with patience.
  4. The fourth step is to unplug your router’s cord from the power outlet.
  5. At this point, power on your Asus router.
  6. Test it out to see if it is now functional.

You can restart your router if you think there might be a problem with the ethernet connection. It will also resolve the problem with the Asus router’s Ethernet.

Solution 2: Inspect your Asus router’s cables

Its cables may be to blame for the router’s malfunctioning, according to These make up a fragile component of your router. It would help if you kept these wires in good condition for your Asus router to operate without interruption.

Disconnect the cables from your Asus router and plug them in again if they don’t appear in excellent shape or seem to be the source of any issues. You can be certain that the cables are broken if your Asus router still does not function. The best course of action in this situation will be to replace them.

Solution 3: Reset your wireless Asus router hard

Hard resets will also be effective in resolving the Asus router 5GHz not working problem. The specific steps for this fix are listed below. You are strongly advised to read through these instructions before applying this update.

  1. Press the “Reset” button on your Asus router using a pointed pen or a pin. For 10 to 15 seconds, hold the button with the pen or pin.
  2. The power indicator will begin blinking to show the successful reset.
  3. After a few minutes, the power light and 3 other lights will turn on for the hard reset (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and Internet lights).
  4. Join your Asus wireless router to your laptop or computer.
  5. The router setup page is now immediately displayed.
  6. You might be prompted to log in. Use “admin” as your default username. Then enter “admin” as your default password.
  7. To complete the configuration, click the “Go” button at this time.
  8. You must now generate a new password for the router administrator in this step.
  9. Select “Next.”
  10. Go to the page titled “Wireless Settings.”
  11. Type in the “Network Name (SSID)” and “Network Key Password” for both 2.4 and 5 GHz.
  12. A notification verifying the same will be displayed on your screen once the name and the key have been set.
  13. There’s a chance the wireless client will disconnect. To reconnect it once again, you can alter the settings for the same.
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You’ve completed the process to hard reset your wireless Asus router. It will now begin to function.

Solutions 4: Set up your Asus wireless router

Both wired and wireless devices are capable of experiencing the Asus router problem. One solution to this issue is by correctly configuring your Asus wireless router. Let’s read the 15 steps to this solution for the faulty Asus wireless router.

  1. Start by unplugging the modem’s Internet wire.
  2. Connect the router’s “wan” port now.
  3. Check the back of your “OS” to find the four “LAN” ports.
  4. Once the four “LAN” ports are visible, you can plug in the wire that was likely included with the router.
  5. After that, switch the router on.
  6. After that, wait a while.
  7. Launch a browser and enter “” in the address bar. then key in “Enter.”
  8. When prompted, enter your “Username” and “Password.”
  9. After signing in, double-check that everything is connected properly. then click “Next.”
  10. Pick “Set Everything Automatically” from the menu. then click “Ok.”
  11. To connect to the Internet, type the “Username” and “Password” you obtained from your ISP.
  12. Select “WAN” and input the configuration.
  13. Verify that “PPPoE” has been selected as the connection type.
  14. You must now enter the “Username” and “Password” given to you by your Internet service provider.
  15. Press “Apply” and wait a little while.

You can now browse anything to make sure the connection is now active. Additionally, create a password to protect your wifi connection.

Solutions 5: The GUI gateway cannot be logged in.

To begin with, the GUI portal manages all of the router’s settings, which have its password and username. You might be unable to log into these settings because they differ from your SSID and password. Or perhaps you are having trouble opening the page at all. Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting in such situations.

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Solutions 6: Try using a different device.

It might not load the page for you if you attempt to log in to the access panel with a new device. In these circumstances, your best option is to grab a device you already know and utilize it to access the GUI panel by launching a previously used browser. Now try entering the IP address in the browser; it should open the GUI panel for you in the best possible way.

Solutions 7: Try using a different browser.

You can also try it with a different browser or after clearing the cache and cookies on your current browser if the other device is operating normally. This would usually work, and you could quickly access your Asus router’s login page.

You can also attempt to update your browser to the most recent version before giving it a go. It would usually work out for you.


You will know exactly what to do if and when the issue of your Asus router’s WAN port not functioning arises again. Do you believe that this blog can also benefit others? If so, please tell your friends about it!

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