Cisco Router Motd


In this MOTD lab, we will configure telnet with packet tracer and the MOTD banner in simple stages.

The router’s basic setup is covered in this lab practice. We’ll set up the router’s fast Ethernet port’s IP address in this lab. The interface will be known as the “Branch Office Interface.” Naming the interface is a fantastic and crucial procedure because it will inform us of the location to which the port is connected. When we log into a router as Network Administrators, the description of the interfaces is quite beneficial. It makes interface management a little bit simpler, especially in large networks with various devices. The user must enter the interface configuration mode for the IP Address and description to be configured.

In this lab, you will also learn how to set up the MOTD (Message of the Day). A message comes on the screen after the user logs into the device. The Message of the Day refers to the message (MOTD). The MOTD banner is typically configured as an alert against illegal access.

The recommended practice is to employ brief and precise MOTD banners as oversized messages place additional strain on the device and consume unnecessary processing cycles. Some individuals display ASCII art and large phrases like terms and conditions as their day’s message.

When we log in to the Cisco device, the administrator decides which day’s message should appear.

Additionally, we’ll set up the router’s Telnet Connection, enabling remote management of the router using the Telnet Protocol. A Telnet Password must also be set up to set up a Telnet Connection. In this lab, we will configure that password. To configure telnet, we will also need to access the Telnet lines. By entering the line VTY command, we can accomplish this.

How to configure Cisco IOS Banners?

The telnet configuration is quite helpful when we have to manage the device from a remote place or are not present onsite. Nowadays, it is routine practice to configure equipment remotely, and the Coronavirus outbreak has made this practice even more prevalent. Most IT professionals now work remotely from their homes through the internet.

To avoid this problem, we should use a VPN connection or SSH rather than telnet because it encrypts the data and shields the network from hacker attacks. Using the internet to connect to an office network is not safe and secure.

MOTD Banner

We’ll begin with the banner that displays the day’s message to anyone accessing the router:

R1(config)#banner motd #
Enter TEXT message.  End with the character '#'.
Authorized users only, violaters will be shot on sight! #

A start and stop character is the # sign. If you choose, you can use any other character. The MOTD banner appears as follows:


R1 con0 is now available

Press RETURN to get started.

Authorized users only, violaters will be shot on sight!

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