When Creating Network Diagrams, What Icon Description Typically Represents A Network Router?



When you are creating a network diagram, you will want to include different types of devices in order to illustrate the connections between them. However, it can be difficult to know what icon to use to represent a network router. In this article, we will discuss the different types of network routers and their corresponding icons.

What is a Network Router?

Network routers are devices that connect networks of devices together. They play an important role in the operation of networks, and are often essential for the proper functioning of a network. Network routers typically have a number of ports, which allow them to connect to other devices on a network. These ports can be used to connect to other networks or devices, or to provide access to the network for devices that are not attached directly to the router. Network routers can also have special features, such as the ability to route traffic between different networks.

What are the Different Types of Networks?

There are many different types of networks, but most people think of a network diagram as a visual representation of how computers and other devices are connected. When creating network diagrams, it is important to know the different icon descriptions that represent different types of networks.

Network Diagram Icon Description

A computer on the network is represented by a blue triangle with an up arrow pointing to it. This means the computer is connected to the network and can send and receive data.

A network cable is shown as a green line connecting the computer to the router. The router is located at the top-left corner of the diagram and its job is to direct traffic between other computers on the network.

When there are multiple routers in a network, they are all connected by green lines. This indicates that they are all working together to ensure data travels between computers on the network.

A laptop or other device that is not connected to the network is shown as a white circle with an X inside it. This means that the device cannot access or send data over the network.

What are the Components of a Network Router?

When creating network diagrams, what icon description typically represents a router?

A router is essentially a computer that connects devices in a network. Therefore, the component that typically represents a router in a network diagram is the computer icon.

Other common icons that represent routers in network diagrams include the Ethernet cable connecting the router to another device (usually another router), and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the router.

What is an Icon Description Typically Representing A Network Router?

There is not a definitive answer to this question as icon descriptions can vary depending on the router manufacturer. However, some general icon descriptions that may typically represent routers include:

  • A computer with a screen and a pointing finger
  • A telephone with an earpiece and a handset
  • A leaflet with a map


When creating network diagrams, it is important to know the icon description typically represents a network router. This article will list the most common icons and their corresponding descriptions. When you are labeling a diagram, make sure to use the correct icon and description for each node in your diagram.

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