Do You Have To Connect Phillip Hue To Router?


As we move into the digital age, more and more of our lives are conducted online. This includes our homes, where we connect devices to internet routers. Unfortunately, not all routers are created equal, and some can cause problems when connected to Philips Hue lights. In this blog post, we will explore why Philips Hue lights may not work with some routers, and how to solve the issue. We will also provide a list of recommended routers that are compatible with Philips Hue lights.

What is a Philips Hue?

 Philips Hue

Many people are not familiar with Philips Hue, which is a smart home product line from Philips. What is a Philips Hue? A Philips Hue is essentially a smart light bulb that can be controlled through your smartphone or computer with the Philips Hue app. You can turn lights on and off, set schedules, control brightness, and more. What is special about Phillips Hue light bulbs is that they connect to your router via Bluetooth so you don’t have to plug them in directly. This means you can use them anywhere in your home without worrying about range or connectivity issues. Are there any disadvantages to using a Phillips hue? One potential disadvantage might be that some people find the user interface difficult to navigate, especially if they’re not used to using apps on their phones or computers. Another disadvantage might be that the lamps themselves are relatively expensive when compared to other types of smart home products. However, for those who value convenience and control over price, a Phillips hue could be the perfect choice for them!

How to Connect Philips Hue To Router?

If you want to control your Philips Hue lights from a remote location, you’ll need to connect your Philips Hue lights to your router. This will allow you to control the lights from anywhere in the world.

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Connect Your Philips Hue Lights To Your Router Via A Wi-Fi Connection
    If you have an existing router, you can likely connect your Philips Hue light bulbs by following these steps:
    First, find out which wireless network your light bulbs are connected to. To do this, go to the settings on your light bulb and click the “Wireless Settings” button. You’ll then see a list of networks that include your name and SSID (network name). Find the network that includes your Philips hue bulb and enter its password into the login box. Next, go to and sign in with the credentials provided by your router manufacturer. Now you’re all set up!
  2. Connect Your Phillips Hue Lights To Your Router Via An Ethernet Connection
    If you don’t have an existing router, or if you want more control over how your lights are connected, you can also connect your Phillips Hue lights using an ethernet cable. Follow these steps:¬†Open The Web Portal On Your Router
    The first step is to open the web portal on your router. This is usually located under “My Account” or “Advanced Settings.” If you can’t find it, you may need to search for your router’s manufacturer website.

What if I Lose My Philips Hue?

If you lose your Philips Hue, you can still control your lights using the iOS or Android app. Just connect yourPhilips Hue to the same network as your smartphone and you’re good to go.

What are the benefits of connecting Phillip Hue to your router?

When you connect your Philips Hue lights to your router, you open up a world of possibilities. For starters, you can control your lights from anywhere in the house – no more fumbling for remotes! You can also use the Philips Hue app to schedule and trigger lighting events, or even set up Scenes that play automatically. And if you have other smart devices in your home – like a Nest thermostat or a Sonos speaker – you can sync them all up with Philips Hue too. Bottom line: connecting your Philips Hue lights to your router makes life easier and more fun.


In this article, we will be discussing whether or not you need to connect your Philips Hue lightbulbs to your router in order to get them to work. Philips has made it easy for users of their products by providing a firmware update that allows the bulbs to communicate with the router wirelessly. However, if you do not have a router that is compatible with Phillips Hue, then you will need to connect the bulbs directly to the modem.

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