Easy Ways to Find your Wi-Fi Address


You won’t typically need to know your Router’s IP (Internet Protocol) address. The IP address is a component of your Network that operates invisibly in the background, which is how other computers and gadgets connected to the internet can recognize your computer.

However, there are instances when you may want your Router’s IP address to configure software, debug a network issue, or access the Router’s settings page in a browser.

While locating your IP address is quite simple, how you go about doing so depends on the type of device you’re using.

You might occasionally need to know the IP address of your Router. You will then have access to the setup page, where you may alter configuration settings like passwords, ban undesirable users, limit users, and so on.

You can use a Windows computer, a Mac computer, an iPhone or iPad, or an Android device to determine your Router’s IP address.

How to Locate the Default IP Address of Your Router?

The default IP address of your Router is frequently located on the Router’s bottom, side, or back. This IP address can be dynamic, which could alter over time. To reset your Router’s IP address back to default, you may always hit the reset button on the device.

The username and password for your Router may also be listed anywhere close to the IP address. You would use these default login credentials when accessing your Router from a web browser.

How to use Windows to determine your Router’s IP address?

Press Windows + R on your keyboard on a Windows computer, type “CMD” into the Run box, and then click OK to obtain your IP address. In the Command Prompt window, type “ipconfig” and press Enter. The IP address of your Router may be seen next to Default Gateway.

  1. Choose “Command Prompt” by right-clicking the Windows symbol in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  2. Type “IPCONFIG” and enter the Command Prompt window.
  3. Locate the section titled “Default Gateway.” The IP address of your Router is indicated here.

How to use a Mac to determine your Router’s IP address?

On a Mac, click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen and choose System Preferences to obtain your Router’s IP address. Next, pick WiFi from the left sidebar by clicking Network, followed by Advanced. Finally, select the TCP/IP tab. Next to Router, you will see your Router’s IP address.

  1. Select “System Preferences” by clicking the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Then select “Network.”
  2. Select your Network from the list on the left side of the window, and then select “Advanced” in the window’s bottom-right corner.
  3. At last, select “TCP/IP.” The Router’s IP address should be printed next to the word “Router.”

How to use an Android phone to find your Router’s IP address?

Unfortunately, accessing your Router’s IP address is not a feature that comes with Android phones by default.

You can obtain this information on some Android models with specialized user interfaces, such as Samsung’s One UI seen in Galaxy phones. Still, it’s typically simpler to retrieve the Router’s IP address using a different device, such as your laptop or desktop computer.

You might alternatively download an app like WiFi Analyzer that will display this data instead.

How to Locate the IP Address of Your Router on an iPhone/iPad?

On an iPhone, navigate to Settings > WiFi and choose your WiFi network to obtain your Router’s IP address. Your Router’s IP address will appear next to the Router when you tap the I symbol to the right and scroll down. Your router’s IP address can then be tapped and held to be copied to the clipboard.


You now know how to use a Windows computer and an Android smartphone to find your Router’s IP address.

Although you can use your Router even if you don’t know its IP address, having that information provides you more power and allows you to customize it.

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