Fios Home Router Review


Verizon/Fios Home Router G3100 Review

WiFi 6 (802.11 axes), which offers an average speed of 60% faster on 2.4 GHz and 38% faster on 5 GHz than the older Verizon WiFi routers, is included with the Verizon/Fios Home Router G3100. WiFi coverage is increased by an average of 63 per cent thanks to triband 44 antennas. * Single WiFi Network Name and Self-Organizing Network Infrastructure for Automated Band Management Numerous apps, including the SON functionality, would not work as intended when used with a different extender when Compliant with Fios Home WiFi Extender (Model # E3200).

The Verizon/Fios Home Router G3100 offers a helpful Internet experience in your home using the newest WiFi 6 version (802.11ax). The tri-band 44 antenna covers two (2) 5 GHz bands in addition to one (1) 2.4 GHz band to offer a wide and stable WiFi link. Accordingly, the Fios Home Router G3100 offers the perfect setting for WiFi-demanding applications like 4K UHD streaming, gaming, or massive file transfers. Connecting mobile and smart home devices to the best local signal is possible without manually configuring the Self-Organizing Network system. Additionally, you may easily power your WiFi using the My Fios Software.

Real-World Speedtest / Experience with Verizon G3100 Mesh WiFi (Basic)

I changed because the Verizon Quantum G1100 wasn’t having trouble giving me all the reach I required. In reality, I had to run a second router and SSID in addition to installing a repeater. If it’s of any interest, I previously used a Linksys RE9000 that I purchased from Best Buy and a Verizon G1100. Although there are less expensive repeater options, I preferred the LAN ports.

I don’t want to reveal my home’s floor plan, but my complaint with the Quantum G1100 is that WiFi was virtually nonexistent in rooms connected to the kitchen, bathrooms, or bedrooms (until I put in the Linksys as a repeater). With the Verizon G3100, I hope to achieve WiFi coverage throughout the house without needing a repeater. As I still require more than 4 LAN ports for my Smart TV, Apple TV, game consoles, and Smart Home Hub devices, I continue to run an 8 Port Netgear Network Switch off the G3100.

Setting Up Verizon G3100 Mesh WiFi

You can purchase the G3100 outright and install it yourself. For the record, I discovered the G3100 to be $50 less expensive on Amazon than at Verizon. Self-installation only takes 5 to 10 minutes. I suggest the following if you need some direction. Before beginning, ensure you have read all the instructions since you will need to unplug your G1100 and plug in the G3100 at the end. So that you know, these procedures would also apply to the older Actiontec MI424WR.

  1. Access your G1100 now. (The router’s user name, password, and instructions are located there)
  2. Choose My Network (top navigation)
  3. choosing a network connection (left navigation)
  4. Make sure to choose Broadband Connection and not Edit when you click the link (middle of the screen)
  5. Down the page, choose Settings.
  6. Click the red Release button next to the DHCP Lease when you see it.
  7. Press “Apply”

IMMEDIATELY after selecting Apply, unplug your G1100, plug in and turn on your G3100. You ought to be equipped and ready to roll. Be patient as it may take a minute to resync, and upon initial use, it will check for and install any G3100 firmware updates. After the white front light stops flashing, there is nothing more to do, and you can connect to operational WiFi by utilizing the information on the back of the router.

The Verizon G3100 and Verizon E3200 were used to evaluate smart home equipment.

Here, you can find a complete list of smart home gadgets that work with the Verizon G3100 and Verizon E3200. Thanks to everyone who confirmed what works and what doesn’t, the list has grown, and I’ve moved it to a new page.

Important August 2021 news: Verizon updated the router firmware to provide a unique SSID for Internet of Things devices. By doing this, the main SSID is kept separate from any IoT devices. This security upgrade is excellent. Here, you can find out more.

If you are a manufacturer, you are more than welcome to send me a Smart Home gadget or another item to test with the Verizon G3100 or E3200. Please let me know if you have something it works so that I can update the website.

Unrecognized Device Names with Spaces on Fios Home Router

If any devices had spaces in their names, the G3100 would not assign IP addresses to such devices. Although spaces cannot be used on the input form to update a device’s name, devices with spaces in their names will hurt the system and how IP addresses are assigned. For instance, if your Roku is called “Roku Streaming Stick,” eliminate the spaces before attempting to connect it to your network. I can only advise looking in the gadget’s handbook because the specifics of how to do this vary for every device.

Understanding the LED Light / Button on the Verizon G3100

Regarding the front light, Verizon (or the manufacturer) went for something quite counterintuitive… So, here is all you need to know about the LED colours on the Verizon G3100.

  1. Black = Abnormal
  2. White indicates blinking and Verizon syncing
  3. Blue: Solid Paired or Blinking Paired (used during the Verizon E3200 Mesh setup)
  4. Green indicates that WiFi is turned off (I mean, why would Green indicate something bad?).
  5. Yellow = Solid Backhaul Issues / Blinking No Internet
  6. System Failure in Red

Seriously, Verizon, why did you decide that Green meant the WiFi was turned off? Grrr… In the upcoming firmware upgrade, correct this. Don’t abuse the colour green.

Author Review about Fios Home Router

This Verizon Fios G3100 is authentic. The Verizon Fios white box sleeve, which houses the instructions, is missing from the delivery. It is contained in a brown Verizon box. A Verizon customer care agent told me this router wouldn’t work properly because I bought it from Amazon. On Amazon, I asked questions, and both the seller and the customers gave me helpful responses. The router may restart several times after you connect it, most likely due to firmware updates, which the Verizon agent informed me I would not be able to perform. I have several old set-top boxes that worked properly after being reset.

Before returning your old router, get in touch with Verizon to ensure it is recorded on your account so they can remove the rental fee. Your return won’t be accepted until you supply an order number to the company.

In addition, I replaced my outdated Fios TV One set-top boxes with the more recent models. The new Fios TV One boxes are compatible with the Verizon Fios G3100 router! Unfortunately, there is a one-time $50 equipment upgrade fee for all leased equipment.

Everything about this router is great, except the power adaptor. Approximately 4 feet above the top of my desk is where I keep my router. The power adapter cable cannot reach my surge protector, which is only around 3 feet long. With my gigabit connection, I can get up to 900 Mbps speeds up and down. The transfer speed of the antiquated Fips G1100 was about 800Mbps. I turned my D-Link DIR882 into an access point because the Fios router G3100 is located in the basement.

The G3100 Mesh WiFi from Verizon: Is It Worth It?

The answer is a resounding YES, especially considering the Verizon G3100’s faster WiFi speeds than the G1100. They are amazingly better if you check the WiFi speed ratings in the dead zones of the G1100. I no longer need to instruct people to switch SSIDs in various house sections, and I can manage without a repeater.

Yes, I realize I could have used the same/old SSID name, but it’s easier for everyone in the family if it’s on factory defaults if they need support from Verizon and I’m not home. The agony of reconfiguring my network with a new SSID was more than worth it.

The sole restriction is that you can only have ten static IP addresses. Most folks shouldn’t have a problem with this, and Verizon should be able to address it in the upcoming firmware update.

I recommend renting the Verizon G3100 first if you’re unsure if it’s the appropriate phone. The G3100 is currently free with some Verizon plans. If you need to purchase the Verizon G3100 outright and are not eligible for the free offer, I have seen it on Amazon for around $50 less. To expand your setup more affordably, I wish Verizon would offer a typical off-the-shelf mesh system like Orbi, Velop, etc. Additionally, Verizon—if you ever read this—uses the USB port effectively.

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