Step By Step Guide To Sync Asus Router with NTP Server


One of the top router brands on the market right now is Asus. It can handle both the essential job of your office and the necessity of your home. Because of their smooth performance and extensive network coverage, Asus routers are very popular. How can I synchronize my Router with the NTP server? Ask some Asus users? The Network Time Protocol, or NTP, is a method for synchronizing your computer’s clock over the internet. NTP thereby establishes an exact time for the machine you are now using. Otherwise, you won’t be able to establish NTP for your Router and determine the precise time. Additionally, it will serve as a helpful guide for individuals who believe that setting up an NTP server is difficult. So, to quickly learn “how to sync an Asus router with an NTP server,” refer to this post.

How Do I Synchronize My Asus Router With My NTP Server Router?

One of the greatest routers on the market is the Asus model. The Router is made to meet needs and specifications for both business and residential use. In terms of performance and network coverage, it is a widely used router brand. How to sync an Asus router with an NTP server router has recently been asked by most Asus consumers. You will find the following basic information useful.

NTP server router: What Is It?

The internet uses Network Time Protocol, or NTP for short, to synchronize computer clocks. Unfortunately, NTP implementation can occasionally appear to be challenging for many users. Therefore, setting a precise timing for the computers you use is crucial. Otherwise, you could occasionally have problems telling the time accurately.

The NTP server can sometimes seem difficult to use. Therefore, it is not unusual to experience NTP Server for Router issues. If so, get in touch with their professionals, and we’ll be able to answer your questions quickly. Their staff members are competent in handling problems perfectly. In actuality, we frequently fix the Network time protocol server problem for the Router.

Follow these Steps to Sync Your Asus Router with Your NTP Server

  1. If you follow the instructions, you shouldn’t have this issue. You can contact me for additional details in detail. Your questions will always be answered by their qualified executives.
  2. You must first sign in to the Router’s web interface. Enter the destination in the address bar of the browser on your computer. Then, put the default username and password on the administrative page.
  3. Navigate to the System tab under the administration area at the bottom of the window, then click on the basic configuration section.
  4. In the field under the basic setup section, set the time zone now. To set the time accurately, please double-check that you have used the proper time and time zone.
  5. Then click on next to continue after entering the domain name or IP address in the NTP server for the router section.
  6. Now that everything is ready, double-check the settings to ensure the values are correct. Then, you must make all the necessary modifications and apply the changes. Finally, to display the correct time, restart your network and computer.

Solved: How To Sync An Asus Router With An NTP Server

Here are a few simple actions you may follow to resolve your issue if you’re having trouble getting your Asus router to sync with your NTP server. Therefore, we advise you to look directly below to acquire them all.

  1. To start the procedure, open your web browser and enter the address “” to access the Asus router’sControl Panel.“
  2. Next, select the “Administration” option by scrolling down.
  3. After that, select “System” from the menu and scroll down to “Basic Config.
  4. Set your time zone appropriately for your location.
  5. In the “NTP Server” column, enter the domain name or IP address of the time server, then click the “Apply” button.
  6. The NTP server will be synchronized with your Asus router. When you’re finished, restart your computer to see whether the changes took effect.

Therefore, these are all the steps necessary to sync an Asus NTP server with a router. So, to sync your Asus router with an NTP server, we advise that you follow the instructions in this post.

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