How Much Does Spectrum Charge For Router?


Spectrum’s residential internet packages come with a complimentary modem, but if you don’t own a router, you’ll have to pay $5 per month to rent one. The exceptions to this rule are gigabit subscribers to Spectrum’s fastest plan tier, who receive the router free of charge.

You’ll need to use your router to avoid paying the $5 monthly cost, with the usual proviso that any issues with your equipment won’t be covered by Spectrum technical assistance. Alternatively, if you like, you can use a modem supported by Spectrum.

Is Spectrum internet good?

For people with larger households or those looking to package live TV and internet, we believe Spectrum Internet is a solid option. And in our most recent customer satisfaction study, satisfied Spectrum consumers helped their internet service provider finish fourth overall.

There are just a few of the benefits Spectrum offers over other internet service providers: fast download speeds, no data cap, a free modem, and contract flexibility. However, the higher starting pricing and second-year price increases for Spectrum aren’t terrific for customers when you read the fine print.

More About Spectrum

Spectrum’s entry-level Internet service is available with a top download speed of 200 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary). Depending on where you live, the Spectrum Internet bundle can only come with speeds of up to 100 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary).

Since other ISPs usually provide greater internet speeds at the same price point, the entry-level bundle isn’t the best value, but this is a problem you’ll encounter with all Spectrum Internet plans. This bundle might be a good fit even if all your household does online checks, emails, or occasionally view streaming video.

With top download speeds of 400 Mbps, Spectrum Internet Ultra provides better performance (wireless speeds may vary). Similar to the Spectrum Internet package, Spectrum Internet Ultra may offer a maximum download speed of up to 300 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary) based on your address.

The greatest Spectrum Internet bundle, in our opinion, is Spectrum Internet Ultra. It is a less expensive alternative to Spectrum Internet Gig. It offers fast internet connections, especially if you have children or housemates who frequently stream TV shows or play online games.

Maximum download speeds for Spectrum’s top-tier Internet Gig service are up to 1 Gbps** (wireless speeds may vary). Your internet performance won’t suffer if your home has several members who frequently stream 4K videos, download large files, and participate in long video conversations, thanks to Spectrum gig internet service.

Once Spectrum’s one-year special rate expires, your monthly rate on the three-speed tiers will rise by $25. We still don’t like the one-year price increase, even though many ISPs have comparable fine print. We advise noting when your promotional pricing expires to avoid being caught off guard. You can also try to bargain with Spectrum to lower your price.

There are additional ways to save with Spectrum internet besides promotional rates. More information on obtaining a better price with Spectrum may be found in our analysis of their discounts and promos.

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