How To Access Belkin Router IP Address?


Belkin routers are best when considering dependability and price as a factors, because of its accessibility and simple configuration, Belkin Routers are a household name. To make the most of the router, though, there are times when you need to adjust a few settings. For instance, you need to access the router’s firmware if you wish to increase security by using an alternative protocol. To log in and view the firmware settings, you also need the Belkin Router IP address. So let’s begin the process of determining the IP address right away.

How to find the IP address of a Belkin router?

It would help if you first comprehended what an IP address is, specifically for routers, and how firmware contributes to a router’s proper operation. In essence, an IP address is assigned to each endpoint in a network for identification and data packet transmission. The network devices that serve as hosts for the router are often the endpoint. Additionally, all operations are performed by the firmware.

To put it another way, a router is a standalone peripheral device with a firmware-based operating system installed on the main board. Within the scope of Internet Protocol, it is in charge of communicating with various hosts and sending data packets. Internet Protocol is a collection of guidelines that regulates internet traffic and inter-device communication. The same protocol applies to routers. Thus a Belkin IP address is needed to access the firmware settings. After going over the specifics, Router Guru will move right onto the steps.

Steps for Belkin Login

Here are the procedures to take for Belkin router login if you want to alter your network settings.

Link to the Internet

To access your router, you must be connected to the network. By entering your username and password, you can access your Wi-Fi.

However, you can connect your device with an ethernet wire and access the network without entering the password if you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password.

You need to be connected to the network to access your router and carry out all the tasks. With the aid of a VPN, you may even access your Belkin router at home from a distance.

Open your browser and go to

You can reach the login page by entering the Belkin router login IP in your web browser after establishing a network connection. Although each router has a unique IP address, the most popular one to access your Belkin router is is another often used IP address to access your router. You must enter this IP address into the browser tab after typing it.

You will be redirected to the Belkin login page at after the address changes to that. If none of those mentioned above IP addresses work for your system, you can check this website for the default Belkin IP addresses for your specific model.

Enter the Belkin Router’s default credentials.

Most of the time, your Belkin router may be accessed without a username. Or it might be Admin or Admin, depending on the model. The password might therefore be empty, Admin, or password. If you haven’t updated your Belkin login information, you can access the router by entering the appropriate password in the appropriate section. Usually, you need to click on submit because the default password is blank. Otherwise, you can seek the default login information here or on your router’s back label if you’ve forgotten them. You can enter it to access your Belkin router if you’ve already reset your password.

If none of those mentioned solutions works, the password may have been changed without your consent. In this situation, you can easily restore the factory default settings on your router. Hold the reset button on your router for 15 seconds with a paper clip or a pen. The Belkin router will restart on its own, and you can log in using the pre-set blank password.

Belkin Router Settings/Configuration

Once you’ve logged in to the Belkin router, you can enter the control panel and make any necessary changes to the settings. Under LAN and wireless setup, firewall, utilities, and media features, the panel offers several options. Before proceeding with any configurations, you can check the router’s connection condition. To avoid breaking your network connection or creating other issues, you must exercise caution when making changes to the router’s settings. As a precaution, please note your router’s default configuration or current settings so that, if something goes wrong, you can reset everything back to how it was.

Steps to resolve the problems reaching the Belkin IP address

Even though the process is fairly straightforward, various problems can arise depending on certain important criteria. If you cannot access the login page using the IP address, the router may not be connected properly. If the Ethernet wire is connected properly, ensure both ends are checked. It will blink an LED on both ends to signal confirmation.

If the connection is sound, but you can’t access the page, someone may have turned off the Ethernet connector on your computer. Open Control Panel, then navigate to the Network and Sharing Center to re-enable it. Find Change Adapter Settings in the left pane and select it there. The Ethernet adaptor is located. Right-click it now and choose Enable. You can now access the router from your PC after turning on the network card.

If you are still unable to view the page, someone may have altered the Belkin IP address that is used by default. Reopen Network and Sharing Center and select Local Area Network from the main page to obtain the current IP address. Click the Details tab in the new small window that appears. Keep an eye out for IPv4 Default Gateway and the associated address. That is the current IP address of your router. It would help if you wrote it down for future use. When you open the browser using this IP address, you will undoubtedly get to the login page.

Open My Computer and navigate to the Network tab if you are having trouble navigating all the hoops. After you grant the required permission, your Belkin router will be found. No matter what the IP address is, if you double-click on it, the system will open the network settings in a browser.


These are a few simple methods for discovering a Belkin router’s IP address and gaining access to it. In case you encounter any problems, I have attempted to address as many topics as possible. I sincerely hope this manual met your needs and had all the information you required.

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