How To Use Your Own Router With Google Fiber?


Even Google’s product marketing manager acknowledges that the router that comes with Google Fiber can’t accommodate all use cases, despite claims that it was picked for best performance. Few basic routers have the power to cross large distances or numerous layers of barriers. In some situations, specialized routers and mesh networks perform better than any hardware provided by the ISP.

A reliable and powerful Internet connection is even more important now that more people use the Internet at home. In that sense, Google Fiber is now enabling router customization for users. Customers can check “Use your own router” in the account when opening a 1 Gig account or switching plans.

Naturally, that assumes you are familiar with configuring your router and network. Although some subscribers might not, Google advises most of its Fiber consumers to stick with its own Google Wi-Fi. However, it provides some instructions on setting up your router with Google Fiber so you aren’t completely left in the dark.

Of course, not all routers are made equal. Thus Google specifies the minimal specifications for routers connecting to Fiber. That includes at least Wi-Fi 5 and WPA2 security, but those who choose to go down this path will probably want to use more recent Wi-Fi 6 hardware anyhow.

It’s not necessary to bring your router to the Google Fiber party; it’s just an option and a lovely one. However, if you want to accomplish that, you’ll need one that complies with the requirements listed below.

Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) (802.11ax)

  1. Gigabit wired speeds are supported.
  2. Ethernet connector with 1000Base-T or higher speed for internet connection
  3. Ethernet port with 1000Base-T or higher speed for local network
  4. WPA2 Minimum Security

“Owning a router of your own takes extensive networking knowledge. We don’t advise selecting this setup if you don’t consider yourself an advanced user, “says Google.

If you have internet service only and are a Google Fiber subscriber, you can only connect your router to the Google Fiber network.

If you already have Google Fiber Internet and TV service, this won’t function.

You must first call Google Fiber customer care to utilize your router. They may assist you in returning the Network box and give you a power adapter for the Fiber Jack.

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