Motorola 16X4 Cable Modem + Ac1900 Wifi Gigabit Router With Power Boost, Mg7550


16×4 686 Mbps plus AC1900 Dual Band wifi with Power Boost

The built-in AC1900 3×3 wireless gigabit router in this cable modem offers the coverage, wireless speeds, and networking capabilities required for high-performance networking in a home or office, multimedia, Internet video, and other online activities. Integrating the modem and gigabit router frees up desk space, eliminates unsightly wires and power connectors, and establishes a stable, trouble-free connection between the gigabit router and modem. The wireless signal is amplified using Power Boost technology to the U.S. legal maximum. At 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, AnyBeam implicit beamforming directs the wireless signal toward the clients. Both Power Boost and AnyBeam increase the range. Together, they offer nearly all client types the quickest and most reliable connections across the broadest range.

Highlights of the Features & Specifications

A 16×4 cable modem and an AC1900 wifi gigabit router are included in the model MG7550. Space is conserved, wires are removed, and installation is made easier when combined with the modem and gigabit router. Leading cable service providers, including Comcast XFINITY® and Time Warner Cable®, have validated the Model MG7550.

  1.  A cable modem
  2. DOCSIS 16×4 Cable modem 3.0
  3. 16 downstream channels with a maximum speed of 686 Mbps
  4. 4 upstream channels with a maximum speed of 123 Mbps
  5. 16 times faster downloads than DOCSIS 2.0
  6. Full-Band For even greater speeds and a quicker, more dependable Internet, capture a digital tuner.
  7. DOCSIS 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 services are compatible with this.
  8. immediate on-board connection to the integrated gigabit wifi router

Gigabit wifi router built-in

  1. Router with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and AC1900 wifi
  2. Three internal antennas may accommodate three broadcast channels and three receive channels.
  3. Devices such as smartphones, P.C.s, HDTVs, and game consoles that support IEEE 802.11 n, ac, g, and b are compatible with wifi.
  4. FCC-approved wireless power booster for increased speed and range
  5. For increased performance and range, AnyBeam implicit beamforming at 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz concentrates the signal on wireless clients.
  6. includes a special wifi security password for quick and simple setup (User can change the password easily.)
  7. For optional connections to laptops, HDTVs, tablets, game consoles, and other Ethernet-capable devices, there are 4 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) LAN connections.
  8. provides context-sensitive support for Configuration Manager
  9. modern firewall for increased security
  10. Parental Control functionality built-in
  11. enables both IPv4 and IPv6 for effective and versatile network addressing
  12. Provides up to 253 wireless and Ethernet devices with high-speed shared Internet.

Extraordinary Qualities

  1. Usually avoids paying the annual rental charge for a cable modem. Depending on your cable service provider, actual savings may vary.
  2. Quick Start enables a quick and simple setup.
  3. 10 LEDs that report status
  4. Your investment is safeguarded by ruggedized lightning and power surge circuits.
  5. Reduces shelf space, enhances cooling, and enhances wireless performance with a vertical unit.
  6. Dimensions of the product: 8.6″ H x 9.1″ D x 2.6″ W

Warranty and Assistance

  1. Two-year guarantee
  2. Includes knowledgeable technical support from the USA


  1. CableLabs® certification
  2. Time Warner Cable®, Comcast XFINITY®, and other top cable service providers have certified it.
  3. The wifi Alliance’s wifi Certification
  4. Bureau Veritas 60950-1 ITE U.S. Safety, FCC 15B and 15C

System prerequisites

  1. Any cable modem service that uses DOCSIS 3.0, 2.0, or 1.1 must be linked to the cable modem.
  2. Any device connecting directly, such as a computer, HDTV, or gaming console, must have an Ethernet connector.
  3. All wirelessly linked devices must support wireless ac, n, a, g, or b.
  4. The provided power cube connects to the most typical U.S. power outlet.

Product Contents

  1. Wifi router is fitted into a cable modem.
  2. Energy Cube
  3. Network Cable
  4. Cable organizer with Velcro®
  5. Tool for Coax Connection
  6. Flyer to Get Started

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