How to Reset a Linksys Range Extender?


You may use a Linksys range extender to improve the Wi-Fi signal across your building, but you will need to set it up before you can start using it. Following the Linksys, extender reset instructions to restore it to factory settings if your extender stops operating.

Asus Routers are, without a doubt, the best high-end routers available. In the top and middle tiers, it boasts flagship specifications. While setting up the router is simple, there are occasions when you need to manually go into the Asus router to change a few important variables. If you’re unsure how to reach your Asus Router’s login page, Router Guru will share a few simple methods with you. If you follow this tutorial step-by-step, you won’t have any trouble getting to the settings.

A Linksys range extender can be reset via its web interface or by depressing and holding the reset button on the device.

The Setup of a Linksys Extender

Ensure you have your router’s Wi-Fi name, security preferences, password, and broadcast channel before configuring a Linksys extender. Typically, you may find this information in your router’s settings or via a device you already use to connect to the router, such as a computer or phone. If unsure, ask your internet service provider for instructions or consult the router’s documentation.

Once your Linksys extender is plugged in, watch for the lights to turn on and the colors to stay steady. Splice an Ethernet cable into your computer and the router to link the two devices. If you don’t have an ethernet cable on hand, some extenders, but not all, will also let you connect to an extender-specific Wi-Fi network for this configuration stage. Go to in your web browser to access the Linksys extender IP address.

Try the default settings with a blank Linksys login username and password “admin” if you are requested for a username and password. On the configuration page, enter the details for your wireless network and click “Save.”

Once your extender is configured, you should be able to access your network and the internet by connecting to it or your Wi-Fi router. After connecting to the extender on many models, you can access the settings page later by going to in your web browser.

The Extender’s Reset

There are typically two ways to restore your wireless extender to factory settings if you ever need to. You might want to try disconnecting the device and then plugging it back in to give it a reboot without having to reset its settings before resetting them.

You can physically reset the device by depressing and holding down the reset button for around eight seconds. After a brief delay, unplug it before plugging it back in. Your setup settings must be entered again.

If you can connect to it wirelessly, another option is to reset the device through that connection. While connected to the device, use your web browser to access the Linksys extender IP address or the address. Select “Administration” from the menu, then “Factory Defaults.” To restore factory defaults, click. Thirty seconds after unplugging the extender, plug it back in.

Fixes for Asus Login Issues

Users frequently express frustration that the login page won’t load. If you are experiencing this issue, your local DNS may be malfunctioning. Try the alternative in this situation without any DNS settings. Enter after typing it. The homepage should undoubtedly be the destination. Try, which router makers also use to assign IP addresses, even if this address is still inoperative.

In the worst-case scenario, someone must have turned off the Ethernet connector on your PC for your system to stop detecting a router if the above option did not work. Open Control Panel and navigate to Network and Sharing Center to enable it. Then, on the left panel, select Change Adapter Settings. Your Ethernet adapter, which is used to connect to the router, will now be visible. Select Enable with a right-click on it. After doing this, you can access the Asus Router’s default login page.

If none of the addresses were successful, your Asus Router’s IP address must have been changed. Do not fret; it is possible to determine the IP address. Open the Control Panel once more, then select the Network and Sharing Center. Next, select View Network Status from the list of Network Connections. Open your specific router connection after that, then select Details. Your router’s IP address is shown below as IPv4 DHCP Server. You can now reach the login page by typing the same address into the URL bar.

You must restore the router to its factory default settings if it doesn’t accept the default login and password. Press the reset button for 5 to 6 seconds, then let go. You can proceed with the default credentials after the router resets itself. Take note of your network settings because this operation will erase your configuration.


These are several practical approaches to going to the Asus Router login page. Attempts have been made by Router Guide to offer alternatives in case you run into issues using the standard method. The staff at Router Guru believes you will have no trouble getting to the router login page.

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