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Charter Communications, founded in 2014, uses the trade name Spectrum. Charter Spectrum now serves 102.7 million people across 44 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Wyoming, and more, since its merger with Time Warner Cable and the Bright House Networks.

Spectrum offers cable TV, internet, and home phone services as a la carte alternatives or in double- or triple-play packages. The Triple Play “Select” package offers unlimited long-distance calling, 125 channels with free HD, and up to 100 Mbps download speeds. With premium subscriptions, the Triple Play ‘Silver’ package offers 175 HD channels for free, 100 Mbps network speeds, and unlimited calling. With 200 channels in free HD (with premium subscriptions), internet download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and unlimited local and long-distance calling with 18 value-added services, the Triple Play “Gold” bundle takes things to the next level. Neither a separate modem cost nor data limits are applied to the bandwidth in Spectrum internet subscriptions.

Customers may access Spectrum’s amazing services and round-the-clock technical support through the Local Cable Deals if they have any questions. To make the most of your Spectrum internet, we’ll show you how to connect to and log into your router in this specific instruction. So let’s get started without further ado.

Spectrum Ubee Router

The DVW32CB Advanced Wireless Voice Gateway Spectrum Telephone Modem combines analogue telephone, wireless networking convenience, and high-speed LAN functionality into one unit. To meet the needs of modern residential and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) users, it is well suited to supply multiple networking capabilities. By removing the need for several devices in the home, office, or MSO warehouse, the DVW32CB Spectrum Telephone Modem lowers operational expenditures (OpEx).

Key characteristics and advantages of this Spectrum telephone modem include:

High Velocity

The DVW32CB Spectrum Telephone Modem provides increased bandwidth for high-bandwidth and multimedia applications used by subscribers. Up to 686 Mbps, downstream and 122 Mbps upstream are possible with 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels. *Depending on the service tier and network settings, actual speeds may differ.

Complete Band Capture

For flexibility in the channel lineup: There are no “block” tuner restrictions, such as DOCSIS bonding across the board. Maintains voice service on the current channels.

Improved Wireless

With numerous SSIDs per radio and dual-band concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios, there is a lot of versatility in connecting to different mobile and home devices. MSOs can set apart SSIDs for hotspots, guest access, and other uses. High wireless connection rates and exceptional coverage are made possible by the DVW32CB Spectrum Telephone Modem’s integrated MIMO antennas, which are 802.11ac compliant and have been specially designed.

Analytical Ability

A high-performance integrated spectrum analyzer lowers the expense of troubleshooting.


The DVW32CB Spectrum Telephone Modem offers the most recent security authentication and encryption standards to stop unwanted access to the wireless network. WPA/WPA2, WPS, and SPI Firewall are some of these.


The DVW32CB Spectrum Telephone Modem provides two analogue connections with telephones and fax machines. When unanticipated occurrences like power outages occur, an optional backup battery provides the highest uptime (up to 8 hours of standby and 5 hours of conversation time with one line active).

Internet Protocol

High-speed LAN functionality is provided via four 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections, allowing users to benefit from the faster service tiers provided by DOCSIS 3.0. Support for IPv4 and IPv6 gives more address space and better security.


Handle for the most current home networking standard, created from scratch to support streaming video and data over already-installed coax connections. No other home network technology can more reliably meet the needs of the present than MoCA.

How to log in to a Spectrum router?

You must set up your equipment and turn on the internet service before moving on to the log-in part. The best approach is to use technical installation. Because it is easy to use, nearly error-free and spares you the hassle of setting up the equipment yourself. However, the suppliers advise choosing self-installation kits due to the current global situation and related health emergencies. Despite how terrifying they may sound, we have created an excellent guide to help you complete the setup and installation process effortlessly. Installing your internet service and logging into your router can be done by following the procedures listed below.

Organize the Equipment

The internet service must first be installed by the instructions included in your self-installation kit. Ensure that the kit contains every element you require to activate the connection. Here is a quick list in case you are unsure about what should be included in the package:

  1. Instructions set
  2. Router with Internet Modem
  3. Coaxial Cables, two
  4. A single Ethernet cable

Splitter Power Cord for Two Ways

You can always call Spectrum Customer Service and let them know right immediately if something is missing from the package or if you need help understanding or implementing the instructions. A 24/7 expert will be on hand to assist you with any problems you may have and will provide technical support if the problem cannot be resolved remotely.

Installation of Spectrum Ubee Router

Spectrum’s self-installation kits make the setup and installation processes as simple as possible for you. Follow these straightforward yet intricate procedures to install your Spectrum equipment without a hitch.

Connect your modem to the cable outlet

Use the splitter included with the self-installation kit if you use a receiver with your cable provider. To use the receiver, connect the modem to the cable outlet using one of the coaxial lines and a splitter. You won’t need a splitter if you’re utilizing a standalone service because you can put the coaxial line directly into the wall outlet.

Connect the modem’s power cable:

To activate the device, insert the A/C power cable’s plug into a wall outlet. It could take up to five minutes for the device to start working. Please wait until the status light turns stable and solid after it first blinks. This shows that the gadget is fully charged and prepared to work.

Connect the modem and router with an Ethernet cable:

Connect the Ethernet cable’s first end to your modem and its second end to the router’s back internet port. As a result, the router should be able to access internet signals that the router antennae will broadcast throughout the house.

Connect the power cord to the Spectrum router

Connect your router to a wall outlet and turn it on with the A/C wire. After the status light stops blinking, you will be ready to go in three to five minutes.

Connect your device to the internet

Connect a device to the internet after finding the network name and password on the back of the router. 

Look for the SSID or network name and the corresponding password. Take any of your internet-capable devices, go to the Wi-Fi settings, find the SSID, and then enter the information; your device should instantly be connected to the ultra-rapid spectrum internet.

A dual-band router has two frequencies: one is 2.4 GHz, and the other is 5 GHz. The 5 GHz one offers greater speeds but has a smaller coverage area than the 2.4 GHz one, which has a broader range but provides internet rates that are generally slower. Most modern routers are set up to transition between the two bands based on user demand and load. However, you may always select your favorite band using the same login information to access the SSID listed on the router’s back. You will start to favor it as a method of connecting.

Register your router and turn on the service

When you launch the browser after connecting the device to the internet, the configuration system will immediately direct you to the activation window. If the activation video doesn’t play, click the following link to access the activation page: https://activate.spectrum.net/. From there, you may follow the simple instructions, log into your Spectrum account, and your router will be ready to use. Don’t worry if the internet doesn’t start operating right away; the activation process may take 24-48 hours after providing your account details.

Create an account with Spectrum

Create your Spectrum account once your service has been activated so you can easily monitor your online activities and data usage.

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