During The Boot Process, Where Will The Router Bootstrap Program Look For The Ios Image By Default?


A router is a networking device that helps connect devices in a network. Routers can be used at home, in offices, and even in large networks. When you first set up your router, you probably chose a default firmware image to load onto it. But where will the router bootstrap program look for the Ios image by default?

What is the Router Bootstrap Program?

The router bootstrap program is a small program that the router uses to find the image of the IOS that is installed on the router. The bootstrap program looks for the file IOS-XR1-M5.1.12.bin on the router’s boot flash directory. If the file is not found, then the bootstrap program will look for IOS-XR1-M5.1.13.bin.

What Else Is Going On?

During the boot process, where will the router bootstrap program look for the IOS image by default? The router’s firmware typically contains a built-in bootloader that loads an operating system from a storage device, such as a hard drive or removable media. In some cases, the bootloader may also be able to load an image file from a network location. In most cases, the router will attempt to load the image file that is located on the local hard drive. If the image file cannot be found locally, the router may try to find the image file on a network location.

How Does The Router Bootstrap Program Handle the IOS Image By Default?

If you have a newer router, it will likely bootstrap from the flash memory rather than from an IOS image. This is good because it means that you don’t have to worry about upgrading the firmware. However, if you have an older router, or if you want to use an IOS image that was downloaded earlier, you’ll need to tell the router what to do.

To do this, open the configuration menu and select System Services. Under Bootstrap Program, choose IOS Image File. Browse to the directory where you saved your IOS image and select it. (Be sure to replace with your router’s actual IP address.) Click OK.

Now when you reboot your router, it will load the IOS image that was specified in the Bootstrap Program settings.

What If I Already Have The Ios Image on My Computer?

If you already have the IOS image on your computer, the router bootstrap program will not look for it by default. You will need to enter the location of the IOS image file when prompted during the boot process.


When your router boots up, it will look for the IOS image by default. If you want to change this, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt window on your router (by pressing Windows key + R and typing cmd into the search box).
  2. Type in the following command and hit Enter:
    netsh interface ipv4 set global domain= program start=

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